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Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit "MNS-Productions". 


I'm guessing that you're here because you may have seen one of the many different styles of funeral programs that I have made, or one of the various souvenir books that I have done. You may have even seen one of my hand-made crocheted products, such as: a crocheted blanket; some dish rags and towel sets a hat & scarf sets or maybe everyone's all time favorite my "Crocheted Moccasins". 

None the less, I’m super excited that you’re here!! Just so you know, I have been making funeral programs since the early "90's" but I took my programs to a more personal level after my daughter "Maria N. Searcy" passed away in 2000. In fact, that’s when; why and how I decided to make it a business. I kind of needed a way to heal from the loss of my daughter so this became “my healing process”.


Each and every one of my MNS-Pro Moccasin’s; MNS-Pro Knee-High Warmers; MNS-Pro High-Top; MNS-Pro Crocheted Croc’s & Other Products, are each individually hand-made by me, without the use of a pattern, in other words each item is going to be an original. I learned the very basics on how to crochet in like the 2nd or 3rd grade, I never did learn how to read a pattern nor do I even know which stitch is which. I just know that when I’m working on something it’s a part of “my healing process”.


Maria Nicole Searcy 9-14-83/9-15-00, who is my “4-ever 17” year old daughter, completely inspires me and is my Spiritual Rock. It feels like she sits in my shoulder guiding my every move as I prepare each program, sometimes it even feels like she’s actually sitting with “Who’s ever Program” I’m working on at the time as well just to let them know “Don’t Worry, My Mommy’s gonna take good care of you and these programs”. It sorta gives me goosebumps even thinking about it, but that’s my reality and I actually love it.


In case you were wondering, how the name of my site/business “MNS-Productions” became what it is today, “MNS” is actually my daughter’s initials and the “Productions” portion of the name represents “in my mind” each item that I create; represent or produce is in honor of her giving spirit, and to be honest if you ever knew her at all you would have to agree.

So having said all of that, I say again Thank You for taking the time to visit "MNS-Productions".  And please feel free to leave me any suggestions in the “Contact Us” section and I’ll be sure to respond. Orrrrr if you decide to place an order that’s even better.

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